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welcome module This web site emphasizes the addons created by the Orbiter French community. Small but active, our group has produced many excellent addons. So this is not an alternative to the well-known Orbit Hangar but an addition (most addons being present on both sites).

It also contains many Orbiter tutorials in French. You can meet all the authors of the French community on this forum (Most of them speak English quite well)

welcome orbiter Orbiter is a completely free 3D space flight simulator. Written by Dr. Martin Schweiger, Ph.D, it has excellent graphics, but don’t see it as a simple shoot’em up… With a complex physical and mathematical engine, it can accurately reproduce real space journey conditions. From the Space Shuttle to the Millenium Falcon, through Apollo, Spirit, Huygens, Ariane and welcome vc so on, Orbiter will allow you to pilot thousands of spaceships, from historical ones to the most futuristic, from the most simple to the really complex, on realistic trajectories to.... more creative ones.

If you speak french don't miss this page which will explain in detail how to install and run Orbiter:

How to download, setup and run Orbiter explained in one page


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 361 hits
Kourou CSG Base R3b
previewBases by jacquesmomo, Papyref, Mustard, etc (voir list
16 hits
Voyage à Honeymoon
previewOthers by Papyref
128 hits
previewBases by Papyref
149 hits
Arrow Freighter MK1 (FSA)
previewSkins by Maxorbiter

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    Last five published french tutorials
Links and informationInfo   AuthorSizeOrbiter VersionDateDownload
Deux tutoriels pour vous fabriquer des instruments de navigation d’autrefois. Nocturlabe, Astrolabe, Volvelles, Héliothéodolite. Bien qu’il ne s’agisse pas de pilotage dans Orbiter, ils agrémenteront vos soirées astronomiques.info nulentout  1MB  All versions2017/04/1322
Un tutoriel pour apprendre à utiliser le bras RMS de ShuttleFleetV4.8R2 de David 413 et l'assemblage de ISS v3.2 de Thorton.info Edy  112MB  Orbiter 20102017/02/1073
Vol trans-atmosphérique en XR2 Ravenstar de Cape Canaveral a Edwards.
Fait pour admirer la beauté du décor sur Orbiter 2016
Carcharodon  url  Orbiter 20162016/11/27306
Traduction intégrale en français du principal manuel d'Orbiter 2016 (Orbiter.pdf)info jacquesmomo  8MB  --2016/10/02447
Ce tutoriel permet a la personne lambda de créer son propre skin du DGIV avec GIMP, après avoir créé le skin du tutoriel. Pour pouvoir lire ce tutoriel, lancez "tuto.html" avec votre navigateur internet. Le dossier contient un README.txt permettant d'obtenir les infos nécessaires.info Maxorbiter  10MB  All versions2016/07/23155

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