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During the summer 2013, we had to move on a new server, hence our website underwent a full rework, the previous one, written by Tofitouf, not being compatible with the new PHP5. The code and layout are now DanSteph's work.
This new version is now fully integrated in the forum part, its members can now upload and manage their add-ons by their own, without having to ask the administrators to handle that part.

For any special request, or if you would like to point out any bug, please contact me by clicking on the contact link at the bottom.

About "Pappy's Hangar" name

"Meeting at Pappy's Bar" was a running joke in the community since Well created it as a station to cheer Papyref, one of the oldest member of our forum. So the name "Pappy's Hangar" was evident.

You can retrieve the Pappy's bar station for Orbiter on this site.

Note: the site was entirely rewritten in 2013 and was off-line from 7 July 2013 to 8 October 2013. All download counters of addons were reset at this occasion but you can see their former value (If the addon was present before the reset) by passing the mouse over the icon "" next to each download counter.
  medal  Thanks

Special thanks to Joffrey, Fast_toche and Fox-Terrier for their hard work to retrieve all the addons.

Thanks to the members that have participated to the beta test of the site:
Bibi Uncle, cslevine, ea76620, elphifou, Fast_toche, Fox-Terrier, jacquesmomo, jgrillo2002, Jim Lovell, Joffrey, Maxorbiter, Milouse, nulentout, orbitermat, Papyref, siriusfett, SolarLiner, Stellaris, Well.


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