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This Addon contains :

- MarsOne Base.

- Utility Rover MarsOne.

- Three Cargos (GreenHouse , Water Extractor , PlanterBoxes(Potatoes).

- Skin MarsOne for Delta-GliderIV.

Installation :

Unzip in your orbiter directory.

Requies Addons :

- DeltaGliderIV-3 + UMmu 3.0 + UCGO 3.0 by dansteph
- Ladder for DeltaGliderIV by jacquemomo

!!! Note !!!

Caution if you have already install MarsOne available in orbiter-hangar my Addon delect your files.

Uninstall it before installing my addon.

See the doc for more informations in : Docs/MarsOneV1.0

Please Report Bugs ;)

Update 1 :

Update : Correction of the texture of the leaves which has not been displayed without the graphical client .
Update 2 :

- Correcting shadows.
- Correcting the transparancy of the greenhouse glass.
- New terrain (Bigger and improvement).
- Add cratère and more rocks.

Futur Update :

- Add skin UMMU
- Add Rover for UMMU
- Transit transporter MarsOne (Earth to mars)
- Launch scenario and voyage
- New plants
- and more ...

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Release date: 2015/11/06  Updated: 2015/11/08   For: Orbiter 2010   Size: 17MB     

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