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Venus Express

Venus Express is a probe developped by the European Space Agency (ESA), launched on November 09, 2005 towards Venus.

At the time of the release of this add-on, the probe, orbiting the Morning Star since April 2006, is still active.

Required add-ons:
[li]Soyuz Series, by Mustard & No Matter
[li]Baikonur, LC1-pad5 for Soyuz by Mustard & BrianJ : http://orbiter.mustard-fr.com
[li]Multistage2.dll and Spacecraft3.dll by Vinka (for Soyuz)
[li]IMFD 5.1 or higher version, by Jarmo Nikkanen (some scenarios won't run without it)

Installation :
unzip 'MSLJ_VenusExpress' in your Orbiter directory.

Thank you to carefully read the enclosed documentation. Most important informations about this add-on are in it.

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Release date: 2008/04/14   For: Orbiter 2006   Size: 2MB     

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