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For Orbiter 2016

This add-on must be installed with the FRENCH GUIANA TILES add-on
(see explanations in this add-on description)

Don't have Flight Simulator? Now you have better !!!
This add-on will allow you to visit French Guiana with a Cessna 172 that is very easy and fun to fly.
Fifteen villages or picturesque sites are detailed, some with 3D modeled buildings, with 13 new runways serving these villages.
(In addition to the Cayenne and Kourou runways if you have already installed these 2 add-ons).

Here is the list of aircraft and vehicles provided in this add-on :

- four Cessna models including two in seaplane version
- a truck to transport crates to be loaded on these planes
- a Jeep to take you around, available in two versions: a French one, a Surinamese one
- two dugout canoes and a speedboat
- five animated characters that can move, carry objects, board planes and even parachute
- freight objects such as crates but not only...
and many other surprises.

More than 130 scenarios will allow you to learn to fly the Cessna, to discover and to walk around French Guiana where the Kourou Space Center is located.
but also to do missions like delivering crates and challenges of all kinds, some fun and some more serious.


1) Just unzip this "zip" file into your Orbiter's root folder.

2) The installation of the FRENCH GUIANA TILES add-on is mandatory.
here :

In order for the runways textures to appear, an additional texture must be declared
in the "...\\Config\\Base.cfg" file.
For that, it is necessary to edit this file by adding in the list the line :
(otherwise the runways will be white or blank)...

4) Some other settings are to be made but will not prevent this add-on from working.
To do this, please read (and re-read!) the explanatory manual (in French!) which is in the ...\\Doc\\Cessna & Guyane airports folder.
Read at least the "Installation" chapter because there are some easy settings recommended to do.


OrbiterSound version 5 for Orbiter 2016 (essential)

Client Graphique D3D9 by Jarmonik (highly recommended)

KOUROU CSG v 5.1 to get the Kourou aerodrome runway

Cayenne Rochambeau Aéroport v4 to get the Cayenne-Rochambeau airport and runway (called today Félix Eboué).

SDK Compatibility :
- Multistage2015 by Fred18
- GeneralVehicle by Fred18
- VesselBuilder de Fred18
All of these modules are included in this addon.
Thanks to Fred18 for this awesome module that is VesselBuilder !!!

Many thanks to Max-Q who recorded real "sounds" of a real aircraft for me and helped me adjust the Cessna's flight parameters to values more in line with the reality.
Many thanks to Milouse for testing and verifying this add-on as well as to Papyref and Pappy2 for their comments and support.

Please read the explicative Manual in the ...\\Doc\\Cessna & Guyane airports folder.

Comments are welcomed and appreciated ! ...

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Release date: 2023/10/17   For: Orbiter 2016   Size: 151MB     

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