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Throwback 2001

Welcome to Orbiter 2001!

As of the making of this add-on (Feb. 2023), Orbiter is more than two decades old. This addon allow you to return to the past and experience some of what Orbiter 2001 has to offer while keeping the comforts brought by later versions of the simulator.

All spaceships featured in Orbiter 2001 have been ported to Orbiter 2016 in all of their polygonal glory!. This includes the original Deltaglider, Shuttle-A and ISS, along with the Luna Orbital Station, which remains identical between 2001 and 2016.

The flight models of the Deltaglider and Shuttle-A have also been imported. Be aware especially for the Deltaglider, for it flies more like the Shuttle-A than its modern counterpart!

The scenario included in this addon contains 9 ships and two stations:
ISS is in low Earth orbit.
Luna-0B1 is in polar Lunar orbit.
GL-01 is on the ground at Habana, Earth.
GL-02 is on the ground at Brighton Beach, Moon.
GL-03 is on the ground at Cape Canaveral, Earth.
GL-04 is on the ground at Olympus, Mars.
SH-15 is on the ground at Habana, Earth.
SH-16 is in low Earth orbit, docked to the ISS.
SH-17 is in polar Lunar orbit, docked to the Luna-OB1 station.
SH-35 is on the ground at Brighton Beach, Moon.
SH-36 is in low Mars orbit.

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Release date: 2023/02/08   For: Orbiter 2016   Size: 2MB     

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