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This pack is a version for O2016

It contains 2 parts, the Proton UR500 rockets and the shooting range as well as the Zarya-J and Zvezda-J addons from Jekka, Mustard Spot 5 and Vinka Sapacecraft necessary for the running of the scenarios

It needs :
Multistage 2015 for O2016 from Fred 18 to load on http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=7010
IMFD 5.7 if you want to realize the geosynchronous orbit to be loaded on http://users.kymp.net/p501474a/Orbiter/Orbiter.html

In this version:

- ground texture is improved
- the system of attachment on the train is modified and the jaws open automatically when the arm is vertical
- launching can be done manually when desired
- Russian countdown is 20s before departure
- we can put Spot5 in geosynchronous orbit

This update:

- corrects some display faults for the rails of the tower and the train
- limits the movement of the tower's footbridges so that they do not overlap
- simplifies train commands
- improves the lauchpad pedestal

Thanks to the authors of addons and to Jacquesmomo for his help to flatten the ground and to make spacecraft spaceships work on the ground

The service tower is movable and the train can carry and raise the launcher on its launch base. The luminous ramps work

The launcher is available in 3 versions, K, KD, KM.
An autopilot is available for launch.

Important: Please read the documentation (En / Fr) which contains important notes.

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Release date: 2018/05/03   For: Orbiter 2016   Size: 13MB     

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