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I am Canadian, and since I installed the DeltaGliderIV for the first time some years ago, I always wanted to have a good Canadian Space Agency Skin.
I loved "CSA Paint For DGIV" made by alexw95 in the past but in recents days, I decided to search for a more "professional" looking livery for the DeltaGliderIV and, unless I am blind, it does not exist. 
So, I decided to do my own, and there is my work here ! I took inspiration from the now famous ESA 2 skin (even if it is not looking like it) and I made this one. I used the Spike HD template.
Installation is simple : put the "texture2" folder inside your Orbiter directory and enjoy ! 
(You obviously need the DeltaGliderIV to use it, as it will not work with the DeltaGlider or the XR1 from Altea Aerospace.)

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Release date: 2017/06/28   For: All versions   Size: 2MB     

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