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Pack Kourou CSG v3 + Ariane 6

Kourou-CSG is the European space-port located in French Guyana. This centre named CSG (Centre spatial Guyanais - Guyana's space centre) is located near the city of Kourou. This base is French and the CNES (Centre National d'Etude Spatiales

ELA is the original main site. It gathers all the launch sites dedicated to Ariane (ELA=Ensemble de lancement Ariane - Launcher group for Ariane) :

♦ ELA1 for Ariane 1-2-3 (Papyref) (now uses for Vega)
♦ ELA2 for Ariane 3-4 (Mustard)
♦ ELA3 for Ariane 5 (Mustard& ;Papyref)

-Included in this pack: Kourou CSG v3
-Additional in this pack
♦ Pad fictive Ariane6 (Jekka)
♦ Improve the Ground texture (Jacquesmomo)
♦ Some scenerios this sat and probe (see manual for addons request)

Recommand addons to improve this pack:
♦ Pad Soyuz ELS (Papyref)
♦ Kourou ELA Hi-res (Jacquesmomo)

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Release date: 2013/10/16   For: Orbiter 2010     

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