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Galactic Map 3D for orbiter 2010

Add-on Description:
7th release for my Galaxy 3D Map !
Works for orbiter 2010 and 2006 !

The galactic map is a futurist MFD that allows you to see any object of the galaxy and it's orbit. All transition are animated, making the understanding of orbit wide more accurate than any other MFD.

Many little correction has been made and added to make it cooler and smoother than ever.
You still need to have a good machine to run it properly.

Important : for this new version please set a small refresh rate for MFD (0.01 is a good value).

Please read the ReadMe.htm and History.htm in the Documentation folder for information about new features and bug corrections.

Any Bug report or idea for improving it are welcome.

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Release date: 2010/10/06   For: Orbiter 2010     

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