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Cornwall - Virgin Orbit's Spaceport

Spaceport Cornwall - or Cornwall Newquay Airport - is an airport in south-west England used by the soon-to-be-defunct Virgin Orbit for their satellite launches. It's location make it a good place to land a spaceplane whose launch on the other side of the Atlantic was aborted.

This base was made for 'francisdrake' at their request. Updates might follow in the future to replace the default, basic buildings with proper and more accurate 3D meshes buildings.

IMPORTANT: The flattening of the runway is handled by the D3D9's flat (.flt) system. If it does not work for you, ensure you have the most recent version of the client, and check in the "Visual Effects" tab in the launcher that 'Surface elevation, using' is checked and set on 'linar interpolation'. If it still does not work, go in the "Video" tab and click on the 'Advanced' button. Check on the left of the screen and ensure that 'Tile Archive' is on 'Cache & Archive' and that 'Enable terrain flattening', located at the very bottom left of the window, is checked.

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Release date: 2023/04/03   For: Orbiter 2016   Size: 35MB     

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