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Airplane for Orbiter 2016

This plane should have been published with my future add-on "Cessna and Guyana Aerodromes".
But this add-on is not ready yet because I still have a lot of details and some small problems to solve.
I realized that I started modeling this plane 3 years ago!
So I decided to publish this plane "as is".

This plane which uses the superb Fred18's Vesselbuilder module, I think it is a good example of all the possibilities that this amazing module gives.
I created no less than 95 animations, and 72 events (EVENTS for those who know this module)
Note : this module is included in the add-on. Thanks to Fred18

You will probably notice that this aircraft has some undocumented animations:
they are planned to be able to load and deliver boxes, also the possibility of boarding
a passenger and even a pilot designed almost like UMmus.
These last elements boxes and UMmus) are not currently delivered with this add-on.
So you will have to wait to be able to use all its possibilities.

There are two planes in this add-on:
the first which has characteristics that are not entirely consistent (speed for example) and a second (in the colors of Air Guyana) which has characteristics closer to a real Cessna.
Thanks to the help of Max-Q.


Simply unzip this "zip" file directly into the root folder of your Orbiter.

Remember to activate the following two options in the Orbiter launchpad:
- Visual effects tab - General effects area: Local light sources (so that the aircraft headlights can work)
- Parameters tab - Realism area: Auto-refuel on pad (so the plane can refuel)


The following add-ons are not required, but strongly recommended :

- OrbiterSound version 5 for Orbiter 2016 here
Don't tell me you haven't already installed it!!! (essential for sounds!)

- KOUROU CSG v 5.1 here
If you don't install this add-on you won't have the Kourou airfield runway.

- Cayenne Rochambeau Airport v4 here
If you do not install this add-on you will not have the runway at Cayenne-Rochambeau International Airport (now called Félix Éboué).

- Graphic Client D3D9. here
I strongly advise you to install it and above all to use it, it's much prettier !!!


Please read the documentation in the .../Doc/Cessna 172 folder available in French and also in English.
Do not hesitate to send me your remarks, I will take them into account for the next release because this plane will be the central point of my future add-on "Cessna and Guyana Aerodromes".

There is already a thread on Orbiter-forum :
And also on Dan's French forum here

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Release date: 2022/11/30   For: Orbiter 2016   Size: 17MB     

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