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The Canadian Space Station (CSS)

(I put Well as co-author as I use his textures and meshs from his add-on "PMA Adapter". This station was a personal project at first, after all. It's only after completion that I decided to put it online. ;) )

The Canadian Space Station is a space station assembled between July and September 2022 inside Orbiter with the help of a fleet of Space Shuttles. The assembly of the station was shared on r/Orbiter. And now, it was brought to Orbiter-Forum add-ons downloads as a single-mesh vessel for those interested to visit it or for those who simply seek another destination to dock to while travelling in low-Earth orbit.

The CSS orbit around the Earth in 28 degrees inclination orbit that can be accessed by launching from the Kennedy Space Center straight east. It hovers between 320 and 330 kilometres high. Eight docking ports are open for docking on the station. Three PMAs (two for shuttles and one for Deltagliders), one refuelling port and four for additional modules.

One of the modules of the CSS is a fuel tank which can be accessed from any docking port for refuelling. It is a good platform to launch lunar missions from. Send a spaceplane up, dock with the CSS, refuel and you're ready to go to the Moon!

The Canadian Space Station is a single-mesh space station that doesn't depend on any third-party add-ons (with the exception of "Project-Outposts" for one scenario with a working Cupola). However, it also lack moving solar panels or the ability to stay level with the horizon by itself. However, to compensate, the station was given crazy powerful attitude control reaction wheels that can help move the station even with two Space Shuttles docked at the same time! (Think the power of a Multistage2015 rocket).

In the Doc folder is a .pdf file that detail my journey to assembling the CSS along with a .pdf that explain some details about the add-on itself.

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Release date: 2022/09/25   For: Orbiter 2016   Size: 51MB     

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