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Francophone Orbiter Agency (ASFO) UMmu

This addon adds an "ASFO" skin UMmu to your Orbiter 2010, having the "Antoo" name written on its spacesuit.

However, I put clean ASFO texture files un the package, so you will be able to replace the "Antoo" textures! Simply remove original textures and replace them by the ones present in the "ASFO Textures Vierges" folder...
You can also replace the "Antoo" name by your own name.

In order to use this addon in the best conditions, you will need the following addons :
- DG-IV 3 + UMmu 3.0 by DanSteph (requiered !)
- UCGO 3.0 de Dansteph
- OrbiterSound 4.0 de DanSteph

This addon is not a simple reskin! It's a full UMmu, so installing it will NOT replace a previously installed UMmu.

Many thanks to DanSteph for authorising me to use/modify his textures, and many thanks to JacquesMomo for his help.

Happy Spacewalking!

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Release date: 2016/03/20   For: Orbiter 2010   Size: 7MB     

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