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Shuttle Fleet - KLC and AutoFCS upgrade

This pack allows to improve Cape Canaveral KLC textures and details for launchpads 39A and 39B.
It authorize too an AutoFCS correct function.
All scenarios Shuttle Fleet V4.8, STS Historical Scenarios and STS_payloads are corrected

You must unzip in this order in your Orbiter folder
- STS Payloads V.2.01 by Gazza (on OrbitHangar)
- STS Payloads Expansion Pack for Fleet 4.8 by David413 (on Simviation)
- Shuttle Fleet V4.8 for Orbiter 2010 by David413 (on Simviation)
- This pack

At the end, activate AutoFCS module (not Auto FCS-STS) and replace in Orbiter.cfg the line EchoAllParameters=FALSE by EchoAllParameters=TRUE to have correct function for AutoFCS.

Thanks to Martins for KLC Hires Tiles and Kev33 for Pad 39 A/B details I have used in this pack

D3D9 compatibility

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Release date: 2013/12/20   For: Orbiter 2010   Size: 48MB     

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